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SCI Writing

SCI Writing

With a variety of tips and exercises, this course shows scientists how to become better writers. Important topics include: the principles of good writing; tricks for writing faster and with less anxiety, manuscript format styles and issues in publication/peer review This course introduces scientists to the art of good writing and gives them practical examples and exercises to help improve their skills. It will cover things such as how microorganisms are important in warfare, that human beings have been breeding chickens for 10, 000 years or more, with only 300 different breeds seen worldwide today.
A multidisciplinary citation index, SCI stands for Science Citation Index. When you intend to publish your research paper, SCI is the perfect place to do it. As part of SCI, we aim to increase the number of new scientific publications and monitor the development of the research community and international publishers from around the world, SCI indexes 27 major scientific domains.

5 Steps to Write Your Paper

Identify the Research Problem
Collect the Relevant Data
Analyze Relevant Data
Write the Research Paper
Proofread and Improve

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