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PhD Research Methodology

PhD Research Methodology

Research Methodology serves as a logical and systematic approach for resolving research problems. It outlines the strategies a researcher intends to use in their investigation, specifically addressing the “how” of their topic. Choosing an appropriate methodology can be challenging, but our team is here to guide you through this process.

A well-designed research framework encompasses various elements such as philosophies, statements, hypotheses, methods, procedures and techniques that enhance consistency and validity of findings.


Research methodology notes for PhD students

Aim of the study
Scope and period
Method of study
Data processing
Limitation of the research study

Types of research methodology

Applied research methodology
A problem is identified from the point of view of one discipline, and then new methods and hypotheses are incorporated into existing ones.
Fundamental research methodology
In this methodology, several disciplines are applied to resolve a specific issue.
Conclusive research methodology
Conclusive studies, by contrast, seek to provide definitive answers to research questions. This type of methodology is well-structured and designed systematically. It's an official perfect method—and needs be followed under specific testing conditions.
Exploratory research methodology
The exploratory research method aims to explore the research area, and so there is no attempt to present final or conclusive solutions; flexible investigations are possible. This methodology will analyse research results, but it won’t generate new information or develop any hypotheses.

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